Ameretto Booking Etiquette

Ameretto Booking Etiquette


A Gentleman's Guide On Elevating Your Experience...

Please read through the gentle reminders and notes below before you make a reservation with Ameretto.  The guidelines are here to ehance your experience and to make the occasion more enjoyable for both you and your Companion…

  • All “overnight” reservations MUST include dinner at a restaurant and not room service. Please show consideration to your girlfriend and treat her like the Lady that she is. Agency Ameretto take no responsibility for incidents that may occur if an Escort consumes alcohol on an empty stomach and is unwell. Nor will we take responsibility for any other incidents that may occur from an Escort not having been supplied food. 
  • Your girlfriend should be allowed a minimum of 6 hours sleep and there should be a cut off point of 2am, when she is allowed to have this uninterrupted rest. If your Companion is continuously disturbed during this rest period and does not get the minimum of 5 hours sleep, she is free to leave the booking and there will be no refunds or compensation given for the “early” finish. Please remember the importance of behaving like a Gentleman at all times and avoid missing out on a “full Breakfast with benefits…!”
  • Please take some time in the morning BEFORE your girlfriend awakes, to freshen up -a shower and teeth brush is highly advised before reacquainting with her!
  • During times when your Escort needs to use the bathroom facilities, her privacy should be respected at all times and you should not follow her in. Clients have been known to take liberties and think it is acceptable to enter the bathroom whilst their Companion is in there… Think twice and do not appear “odd” !
  • Our agency etiquette is also applicable to “multiple day” reservations. However, in addition your Escort must be given the option to use the Gym daily if she so wishes, for a 1 hour period. It goes without saying that breakfast, lunch and dinner must be provided during the whole duration of your time together. and you should always be aware of her needs as she will be of yours… -ie, she is not desperately trying to seek out morsels to eat because no lunch was provided!

If you have any questions surrounding our agency etiquette, or indeed any other questions, please click on “ask a question” below. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

With Love,

Zoë XX

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Ameretto Booking Etiquette
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