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Our Comments On Kathryn…

“The perfect and petit package… Ameretto is honoured to have Kathryn join us as yet another, high end and well travelled Companion. If you can pin this social Butterfly down long enough, you are guaranteed conversations on the most broadest of subjects, adventures together and of course intimate liaisons that will leave you  breathless …Kathryn is attentive, caring and has a genuine desire to learn what makes you tick. 

Available in London and beyond, Kathryn is available for flirty and fun reservations starting at three hours and as with all of our Ameretto Ladies, she of course has a preference for longer / overnight dates. Kathryn is devoted to making each moment count and has a lot to give, it is only natural that she prefers longer reservations, in order to create those magical, memories for herself and for you!

Please note, we are still offering a three hour reservation at a “special gift” rate… The perfect way to get to know the beautiful Kathryn, or indeed any other of our Ladies, before committing to longer reservations.

Myself and Kathryn can not wait to welcome you to Agency Ameretto very soon!”

Kathryn In Her Own Words…

“I’ve always believed in the power of curiosity. Curiosity changes what we do and how we do it. It changes our minds and it changes our scenery. It changes how we understand ourselves and how that self understands others. Curiosity changes everything.

Afflicted with such terminal curiosity, I knew I’d never want just one thing out of my life. I wanted all of it, every flavour possible: a life rich in reinvention, discovery and first times. Some people are motivated by money and status, but they left me cold. Instead, I was hungry for all the things I didn’t yet know or understand, all the sensations I’d not yet felt.

First I followed my curiosity to London, and then into academia, where I’d lose myself in the library for hours. I kept company with writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Daniel Kahneman, because they seemed just as curious for new worlds too. But of course, after a while, my curiosity demanded to escape from its ivory tower, and my heart beat faster for pastures new.

So you find me now as a London-based Independent Escort but with a wanderlust that keeps me on my toes. I’m regularly to be found in Switzerland, Tokyo, UAE, Monte Carlo and Monaco, but if you prefer to catch me somewhere else, I’m passport ready and FMTY friendly.

As a professional good time girl, I’m committed to a life of endless adventure. Sometimes those adventures involve flinging myself down black runs (If you can beat me to the bottom the vin chaud is on me), horseback riding in the New Forest or losing myself in cobbled back streets in the golden hour. On other occasions i’ve gone looking in dungeons and at orgies,

Amidst all this, I’m still curious for more. There’s still so much to learn, to see and to taste. It’s why you’ll never find me without reading material tucked in my Sac du Jour – whether the Economist, Historical Biographies, medical journals, recipe books and the occasional graphic novel. And it’s why I’m always searching for a little more: more passion, more exploration, more playfulness.

Naturally I’m curious about you, too. I want to know your best jokes, your wildest tales and the best advice you never took. Tell me about the places you’ve been and how they changed you. Show me those intimacies and secret sides of yourself reserved only for late nights that stretch into lazy mornings. This is where the magic happens.

Let’s meet there.”

Kathryn xx


Based… London

Age… 30

Career… Corporate 

Hair Colour… Blonde Highlights

Eye Colour… Brown

Height… 5″3 

Dress Size… 6

Bust Size… 34B

Natural Or Enhanced Bust… Natural

Shoe Size… 3


Fragrance… Killian

Lingerie Brand… ID Sarrieri

Clothing Brand… 

Travel Destination… Maldives

Weekend Getaway… South of France

Dream Holiday Destination… Private island

Restaurant… Ikoyi

Hotel… Aman

Cuisine… Japanese

Drink… Champagne and Martini

Gift Inspiration… 

Dream Date

I love the thrill of a short and secret rendezvous and equally enjoy getting to know each other and building up to an explosive crescendo.


3 Hours Special Invitation | Lunch Or Dinner Date… £1,500

3 Hours… £2,000

4 Hours… £2,500

5 Hours… £3,000

6 Hours… £3,500

12 Hours Overnight… £6,000

14 Hours Overnight… £7,000

For longer reservations, please contact us here.



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