Introducing Poppy To Agency Ameretto

Introducing Poppy To Agency Ameretto


Classy & Refined

Our Comments On Poppy…

“Poppy is our newest addition to Agency Ameretto and I could not be more thrilled to welcome her! At Ameretto, we have a specific criteria to follow for casting and we look for a “particular” image… Poppy is a London Lady that most definitely ticks all boxes. Her experience, professionalism and passion for her work is unparalleled. These attributes alone categorise her as a true, “high end” Companion. 

Beyond poppy’s credentials, her personality shines just as bright and you can be certain of feeling like a King in her presence. Intuitive, genuine and caring, Poppy will make your time together memorable for all  of the right reasons.

In a world of beautiful, blonde Models, Poppy stands out from the crowd with her chic style, breathtakingly long legs and dreamy, blue eyes. I am sure that the gallery images will stir up curiosities and other emotions, leading you to taking the next step to meet the stunning poppy, in person.

You are invited to navigate below to browse the Ameretto gallery and discover additional secrets about Poppy…

Thank You for reading!

With Love,

Zoë xxx

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Introducing Poppy To Agency Ameretto
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