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Ameretto Casting Invitation

First off, I would like to say that I am not writing a “Casting” article because the agency is in-undated with reservation requests.

This is about growing a business and having the required elements to do so.

I make no bold claims with regards to work available and I have been transparent throughout the journey with myself and Ameretto.

So! I look at “Casting” as more of an invitation for high end / professional Ladies to join me and to share my vision for the Ameretto brand.

I am initially looking for nine Ladies in total (quality over quantity) and currently have two London Companions working with me. Sadly the third has taken an extended break from the Industry and I wish her all the best -our paths will most definitely cross again in the future…

…Therefore, the doors are now open for seven more, Manchester / London / UK based Ladies to apply.

if you do not already know, Agency Ameretto are a “niche” business and we do not operate quite like some Agencies do. With our focus being on long duration reservations and no same day appointments, we work to create long-term relationships and repeat business.

Additionally, Agency fee’s are minimal and we work on a very, fair split -where Ladies will keep the majority of the money made.

Further details on how Agency Ameretto operate can be found by browsing the website, but of course if you would like to know more / ask  any questions, you are welcome to contact me directly by clicking here.

I have added navigation buttons below, so that you can easily make your next move so to speak! 

I look forward to connecting with likeminded Ladies soon!

With Love,

Zoë xxx

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Manchester & London Casting Invitation
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